Friday, July 10, 2009


S. P.

Hi my name is Renie and I’m a life-a-holic! I’m a silly, eclectic chick who’s addicted to music in the worst way. I listen to everything, and don’t dare ask me who my favorite artists are; the list is way too long. If all goes right, I’ll be an A&R someday; getting the messages of truly talented, distinct voices heard the world over.

[C]ool [O]utrageous [L]over [o]f [U]niquely [R]aw [S]tyle . Witty. Clumsy. Dope. Lovable. Serene. Joyous. Lucky. But most importantly, Blessed.


O. B.

I often have problems describing myself, it’s as complicated as describing how the right song at the right time can make one feel… I have always loved music because it allows my mind to go to that place where magic happens. Love is magic. Sex is magic. Life is magic… all you need is the right guide and honestly NOTHINGtakes me there” like a GREAT song. My body is the rhythm, my mind is the harmony, & my heart is each lyric. I relax, press play and allow them to meld together to form my soul…wild, free, curious, weird, creative, spontaneous, loving and bursting with artistic beauty…



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Thursday, July 9, 2009


We are the perfect combination of ideas & personalities.

Two females, friends, with a passion for music and a LUST FOR LIFE.

From the beat to the lyrics to the artist, music is the center of our lives and yours,

although you might not acknowledge it.

For one of us, music is a SWEET ESCAPE, a refuge.

“I can crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to LONELINESS....”

For the other it is EVERYTHING, the soundtrack to life…

“Guiding me through the pain, the joy and everything in BETWEEN.”

While music connects us, it doesn’t mask our DIFFERENCES,

Our views differ on many things including LoVe. &. SeX. &.MUSIC

What we’ll bring you is something DIFFERENT.

A combination of new music, old music, good advice or bad advice,

Downloads, reviews, videos, stories, LIFE lessons, LOVE lessons and of course

That good old, hot, breathtaking {mess} that we just can’t live without. SEX.

So sit back, open your eyes and allow us to impregnate your mind

With these lyrical JUICES, pulsating with the unique flow of info that is Shobe.

Allow us to TAKE YOU THERE, or to simply entertain you…

‘Cause life is SO MUCH BETTER with a little LVSXMUSIC.


Like what you read/heard/saw?

Agree or disagree?

Or simply just have something to add?


Don’t be shy,

We don’t Bite ;)

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